SportsTron for NFL 2018/19

Welcome to SportsTron, the technological innovation that predicts the results of matches using a computer.

SportsTron bases its results on a number of criteria, with the most important being what the experts from our TopTipper tipping competitions are predicting the score to be. It also takes into account bookmaker odds, and on top of that other usual criteria that typical computer predictors use such as the form of each team and their past records.

SportsTron does not provide recommended bets. Rather, it provides an analysis of what the best tipsters in our tipping competitions are predicting and other data. This analysis can be used at your own risk to assist you in placing a bet, or deciding not to place a bet. Please be aware that SportsTron's tips change as our 'experts' enter their tips and as bookmakers odds change. SportsTron's final tip is made approximately 2 hours before a match starts, and is entered into the TopTipper tipping competitions.

Philadelphia vs Atlanta
SportsTron has calculated that each team has the following chance of winning:
Philadelphia 77.43%
Atlanta 22.57%
Draw 0.00%
SportsTron currently has the following as its tip to win the match:
SportsTron has also predicted the following scores for each team:
Philadelphia 30
Atlanta 17
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