Arbitrage Betting

What is Our Sure Bets Service? has a "Sure Bets" or "Arbitrage Betting" service designed for punters that are either fairly experienced with betting, or experienced with Arbitrage Betting. "Sure Bets" are a feasible way to make 'guaranteed' profits over time. However, punter errors, data errors, data delays, discrepency between sportsbooks rules and not reading the sportsbooks' fine print can result in lost profit. SportsPunter does not educate arb hunters - it is merely a service for providing information on potential arbitrage opportunities. And we provide a lot of them!

To learn more about Arbitrage Betting, you can find out more on websites like the Sports Arbritrage Guide

If you already have signed up for our service, then you can view all available arbs here


  • An online page, listing potential arb opportunities, that refreshes automatically
  • Unlimited filters to organise arbitrage opportunities and make the best ones that suit your personal experience as easy to find as possible
  • Customisation features to remove arbs you are not interested in
  • Alert system when new arbs come in with sound and/or pop-up window.
  • Over 100 bookmakers covered with some odds updated as fast as 20 seconds
  • Coverage of over 1500 competitions and many markets and cross-market opportunities. From Total Aces, to Corners Handicap, Lay Bets, First To Score - and more. You name it, we've got it.
    Costs for Australian Clients:

  • An initial two week cost of $AU55, $US50, €35, £25.
  • Weekly: $AUD55, $USD50, €35, £25; OR
  • Monthly: $AUD176, $USD165, €120, £80; OR
  • Quarterly: $AUD484, $USD440, €310, £215; OR
  • Half Yearly: $AUD856, $USD775, €970, £380; OR
  • Yearly: $AUD1540, $USD1370, €660, £670
  • Price Includes 10% GST
    Costs for Non-Australian Clients:

  • An initial two week cost of $AU50, $US46, €33, £23,
  • Weekly: $AUD50, $USD46, €33, £23; OR
  • Monthly: $AUD160, $USD145, €105, £70; OR
  • Quarterly: $AUD440, $USD400, €285, £195; OR
  • Half Yearly: $AUD780, $USD710, €505, £350; OR
  • Yearly: $AUD1400, $USD1270, €905, £625
  • Australian clients must add 10% GST to their subscription

Sign-Up Information

To request your two week trial, please make sure you are a registered user (Register Here) and then make your payment at the payment page. Please make sure you use your username as a reference when making a payment, and be sure to fill out the payment notification form on the payment page.

If you have any questions then please use the feedback page.

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