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Is my money safe in a bookmaker's account?

NFL Betting Odds only recommends betting with a licensed Australian bookmaker. Australian bookmakers are subject to some of the most stringent conditions placed on any licensed bookmakers around the world. With regulation enforced by the government, it is very safe to have your money in a bookmaker's account that is under Australian licensing.

Will it cost me any fees to bet online?

Depositing, withdrawing and maintaining an account at an Australian bookmaker is generally free from charges. However, you are advised to check the particular bookmakers terms and conditions.

Can you recommend me a bookmaker?

All bookmakers listed in our odds service offer fairly similar services. But we advise you to check the odds comparison service for the market you bet on the most - whichever bookmaker appears first most of the time is probably offering you the best odds, and will therefore maximise your profits. If you're just in it for fun, our preference (which is based on where most of our punters seem to bet) is Additionally, we also recommend Centrebet's 'Best of Best' racing product. It is considered by many to be the best racing product available online. However, for global betting on American Football, we highly suggest Pinnacle Sports.

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